Urban Treehouse 63-Unit Apartment Building in Italy

…The undulating structure creates a transition from outdoors to in, holding 150 trees that absorb close to 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide an hour. This natural absorption brings pollution protection to its residents, helping to eliminate harmful gasses caused by cars and harsh sounds from the bustling streets outside. The trees’ seasonal progression also creates the ideal microclimate inside the building, steadying temperature extremes during the cold and warmer months…

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One Response to Urban Treehouse 63-Unit Apartment Building in Italy

  1. Peat says:

    High end architecture mimicking the chaotic beauty of architect-free architecture. It is quite beautiful but this elite, professionally designed style will never come close to the beauty of a hand built vernacular built through necessity, just as things built by humans can never compete with the wonders of mother nature.

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