Using Recycled Building Materials to Create a Fence

Using recycled building materials to create a fence

Shelter Publications’ office space was built using recycled building materials from decommissioned barracks at the Presidio in San Francisco. Lloyd became quite expert at pulling nails, and owns a great collection of medieval-looking crowbars, pry bars, and nail pullers.

There are many benefits of using recycled building materials: cost being very important, as many times the materials can be had for free or paid for with sweat equity. Corrugated roofing is a good example; when a building is demolished, the roofing might still be in fairly good shape but unsuitable for reuse as roofing because of the holes made by the original fasteners. However, as these photos from Ashland, Oregon show, metal roofing can be creatively reused as a fast and functional fencing material.

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–Photos by Andi Taylor

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  1. Holly says:

    My father in law just gave my husband his old fence posts and some materials to build our own fence. What he gave us is still quality wood, just needs a little touch up. We are all about salvaging and reusing if we can, this is the perfect opportunity. I don’t know much about fences but with a little research I’m sure we can figure it out before having to call the professionals in.

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