Vancouver’s Housing Costs No Problem for Entrepreneur Living in a Van


Like many in Vancouver, owning a house or condo for Cameron Gray was simply out of the question. But he didn’t like the idea of standard alternatives either — renting an apartment or a laneway house or moving out to the suburbs. So the 27-year-old musician-turned-entrepreneur, who describes himself as a hermit, was perfectly comfortable with his 55-square-foot solution: living in his 1981 Chevy camper van.…

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  1. Maybe I’m just showing my age, but we used to call this “being homeless”. The title here reads like an “Onion” article, and I think Shelter needs to think carefully about how tiny home rhetoric dovetails nicely with much less appealing trends like the financial gutting of the middle class, astronomically high rents in many cities, and the widening gulf between the super-wealthy and the rest of us. Articles like this one often feel like, at best, making a virtue out of grim necessity, and at worst encouraging people to celebrate their own marginalization.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

    • Evan Kahn says:

      I appreciate your input, Eastern_branch. Maybe I’m showing my age (34), but I call this “ingenuity.” You could look at a majority of the people living in cars and consider them homeless. People my age “kids” are using this as a way to explore the world without having to be tied down to a mortgage. I admit the title is a little cheesy, but I’m here to show all the ways people are living nowadays. Albeit some of the ways people live doesn’t appeal to everybody. With that said I have some friends who live in their vehicles and work for some really cool companies, they can afford to buy homes but love to travel and the adventure of not knowing where you are headed. Thanks again for your input.

  2. Carol says:

    Supposedly this is happening in Silicon Valley: folks live in vans during the week then drive home to their houses far off in more reasonably priced towns.

  3. gene89 says:

    I agree with the general tone of eastern’s comment. At 83, I’m getting damn sick of the “tighten your belt” rhetoric of politicians and financial gurus.The Tiny House movement, though interesting and innovative, wouldn’t get a second look if the US economy wasn’t so screwed. Having said all that, I don’t think it’s Shelter’s mission to crusade for economic parity. Lloyd Kahn and his crew do a superb job of presenting craftsmanship in structure and design.

  4. I have a little different view. Not all, but most people living in this situation supported, and many still support the politicians that caused the present economic conditions. I enjoy seeing them live with their decisions, living in their cars while working as baristas.

    And although this gentleman in is Canada, less affected, but not totally isolated from US folly, I am also going to enjoy watching what happens when the 18 trillion dollar debt comes home to roost. Gotta love this hope and change.

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