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woodP1040809Hi Lloyd.

This a big hi from Scotland and to just say how much your books are the best thing in my library. I am a full-time artist and maker in wood based near Edinburgh, please see my new Facebook page for Wild Child Designs (new site in development). I have friends with some cranky houses in the UK that might fit into your books. Have attached a pic of my new shed you might like and a recent piece of public art.

–Yours, Robin Wood

From WildChildDesigns.com:

Robin has worked throughout the UK on a diverse portfolio including many public art projects, community art projects and sculpture/(nature) trails.

Many of these items items were specially designed for children which is where Wild Child Designs began.

Passionate about the environment, Wild Child only uses locally sourced and sustainable timbers, mainly oak and larch for their outdoor durability.

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  1. Anon says:

    nice. enjoyed seeing these creations.

  2. Adore the dragonfly. It is so cute.

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