Willow's Wagon

Willow's wagon

Craftsperson Willow De La Roche was featured in Tiny Homes on the Move. She built Willow’s Wagon in 2011, and has a new company Artisan Homes UK that builds alternative small living spaces, such as gypsy caravans, shepherds wagons, tree houses, boat conversions, as well as earth-bag and cob houses.

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We recently received this letter from Willow:

Hello Friends,

My fella and I are coming to California in late February all the way to May (if our funds don’t run out that is). We’re wondering if there are any folks out there doing some incredible things such as building a eco home that we could come lend a hand in exchange for some good vibes and food and the like … Thanks for reading.

P.S.: I have some experience building I had recently written an article on my shepherds hut for Lloyd Kahn’s new book Tiny Homes on the Move. This is my website www.artisanhomesuk.co.uk, and also my guy’s a professional climbing tree surgeon. Warm wishes to you all.

–Willow De La Roche

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  1. Hey willow! I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Quincy ca. I just bought my flatbed and will be working on my tiny house. I have a space in back of my house u guys could park your house on and help me if you want! Email me

    • Rick Gordon says:

      Hi, Trina. I work on the blog and am forwarding your offer to Willow, but I can’t find your email address on your website. Maybe you should also email her directly at interdimension2000 AT yahoo.com. Thanks.

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