Woelcke Autark T5 Crosser Off-Road 4×4 Campervan Motor Home

Sent to us by Lew Lewandowski

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  1. Jack Palmer says:

    Very nice. Patrick sold me a 25′ Airstream Classic and just recently my daughter and her husband purchased a 30′ Airstream bunkhouse from him. I would recommend Patrick to anyone interested in an Airstream travel trailer. I can’t think of anyone outside of the factory more knowledgeable.

  2. Dale Avery says:

    Why can’t we find something of that quality here in the U.S. for ~ $120 K? European labor and quality construction is not cheap.

  3. Tom says:

    How do you buy one of these stateside?

  4. Chris Comfort says:

    Wow…I am sold…

    Great vehicle..

  5. Konstantinos says:

    Is it possible to tell me how to get in touch with Patrick?
    Thank you in Advance

  6. Jose Rivera says:

    How much does it cost? Is there a way to buy on line?

    Please let me know,.

    Thank you.
    Jose Rivera

  7. Mr Rudy says:

    Hi, we saw the t5 crossor on the Internet and fell in love with it instantly. How do we get in touch with the company, is there a dealer in the UK and if not how much would it cost to import a t5 to the UK?

    • Rod IFE says:

      Did u get any replies or have you managed to find out whether they’re available in the UK….any dealerships MR Rudy!? ;-).

  8. Udo says:

    Patrick, Did you ever consider putting together a co-operative (maybe with Airstream) who could assemble a German made Capervan like this one. There are many first class manufacturer of travel/expedition vans like this one, companies like HRZ, CS, Woelcke or even Westfalia that have access to European quality components the know-how. Hymer just purchased Roadtrek but unfortunately corner are cut and the quality level goes down when production starts in North America. A pre-production kit system with a high standard of Q&A may solve this.

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