Wooden Teardrop Trailers and Surfboards Built in France


“Born in the heart of the Basque country, UhainaPo is to Classic Surfboard Spirit what a Stradivarius is in the world of violin. Surfboards, paddles, longboard, bodyboard, Hawaiian canoes UhainaPo offers the intact pleasure of a real authentic surf.

Manufactured with the same requirements as UhainaPo products, TearDrops Uhainapo Travel will allow you to travel in comfort and respect for nature.”


www.uhainapo.com3 www.uhainapo.com1 www.uhainapo.com

2 Responses to Wooden Teardrop Trailers and Surfboards Built in France

  1. Awesome stuff…

  2. Ohona says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!I tried practicing everyday and didn’t really get any better, so I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I wasn’t born to be a skater that did tricks. Maybe I would have been better with a lighter board or whatever, but with cruising I have no problem at all. I pretty got the hand of it straight away, so I was thinking that longboarding is probably more my style? But I’m not sure. I found this longboard for £30, and it seems alright, I know it sounds crap, but I heard some people say it’s alright for a beginner.

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