Zappos CEO Lives in an Airstream


A CEO with a net worth of $820 million has opted for the simple life by living in a trailer park instead of a mansion. Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, can afford to buy any type of abode that he fancies including the pick of plush estates. But Hsieh, who is known as one of the most frugal millionaires in the business community, chooses to live in a Las Vegas trailer park.…

One Response to Zappos CEO Lives in an Airstream

  1. Dottie Weirich says:

    I see nothing wrong with him living in the Airstream in a nice trailer park! I think it’s great that he does not have the need to flash his money in a house with rooms he’d never use or need! Trailer parks can be very safe and nice and your neighbors even say Hi rather you have extra money or not! Money does not make the person!

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